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Greater than Gold is based on 1 Corinthians 9:24: 'All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You're after one that's gold eternally.' (The Message)
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We have had the opportunity to talk to some FF regulars and ask them some questions about their Christian faith, experiences at FF and some random questions! Josh Holmes, Grace Claydon, Steve Johnson and Kirsty Plowman took some time to share their FF testimonials and we are grateful to them for this opportunity. Read on to see what Josh, Grace, Steve and Kirsty had to say...

From left to right: Josh, Grace, Kirsty and Steve

Which BB/GB Company are you a member of and what do you do for a living?
Josh: I'm a member of the 16th Nottingham BB and working full time as a manager in a Chinese takeaway.
Grace: 1st Hawkwell GB and I go to sixth form to study for my A-Levels.
Steve: I am an Officer in the 5th Scarborough Company and I am a train driver.
Kirsty: I'm a member of 8th Portsmouth GB and I currently work at Argos to make my way.

When and where did you become a Christian?
Josh: I have been in the Boys' Brigade from a very young age and this is where I started to read and learn about God. However, it was not until I joined KJC (the BB's central worship band) that I really started believing. I remember the first time I had very strong feelings for God was when I first performed on stage at Firm Foundations.
Grace: When I was younger, I always considered myself to be a Christian, however I think I properly made the decision to live for Jesus when I was about 9! I was at Girls' Brigade camp.
Steve: Firm Foundations in 2005 I think it was.
Kirsty: I've been a member of GB for 12ish years so that's my first encounter with God. I was baptised in 2006 at my local Church where my faith has been devolped.

When did you first come to Firm Foundations and how many times have you been?
Josh: My first year was 2007 (Connect) and I have been three times since then. And of course, I'll be going to FF2012!
Grace: My first time at FF was in 2009 and I have been three times in total.
Steve: My first Firm Foundations was 2005 I think, and have been every year, save one, since.
Kirsty: I first came to FF two years ago, this is my third year.

How has Firm Foundations impacted on your life and your journey of faith?
Josh: It has immensely changed me and has made me more confident to be known as a Christian. It's hard when you're young to 'stay cool' and also 'stay faithful' but FF has been a great experience and seeing a lot of other young people believing like you do makes it amazing.
Grace: Firm Foundations was so encouraging to me, I made friends with other young people from around the country and I think it's so great that I can stay in contact with them and we can support each other. Also, it really showed me how being a Christian is relevant today. The hosts of the morning and evening sessions and the seminars that I went to were really inspiring and they helped me to realise that being a Christian can be really exciting!
Steve: It was great to see other people my own age willing to find out about God and ask all the questions I had. Firm Foundations was the beginning of it for me really. It's the whole laid back atmosphere, everyone gets along and you can chat to anyone about anything.
Kirsty: FF has had a huge impact on my life. It's made me think in new ways and its a really emotional weekend that brings me closer to God in every worship session. The seminars have also inspired me to encourage the girls at GB to talk about God in different ways and how to develop their faith in an interactive way.

If you could pick one memory from being at FF that sticks out in your mind, what would it be?
Josh: I was on stage playing for KJC and a friend of mine said "I will never believe in God". It was nearing the end of the festival and I saw him come to the front. I asked him after the performance "Why were you at the front?" He said "I've just found God". Amazing.
Grace: That's so difficult! I have so many memories from all 3 years... I think it will have to be the cardboard testimonies on the last morning in 2011, it was so inspiring and amazing to see how God is working in the world.
Steve: I am afraid it has to be the thunderstorms from a few years ago. I think our tents are still drying out! Also playing with Fifth Revelation for a few years running. Great fun.
Kirsty: During last year's FF, during worship we watched a clip with people with pieces of card. On one side they had written how their life was before God, they flipped it and had written how their life is now they have found God. Then people who were at FF did this themselves. This was a real stand out moment for me seeing how God has changed so many lives in so many diferent ways.

To you, what does it mean to have a relationship with God?
Josh: God is amazing and He is always there for you, no matter what you are doing or what you have done He is always there. He's the best listener in the world, to me He is like my personal moaner as I can chat and chat and chat to Him about everything and anything.
Grace: Everything. Recently I have realised that without God I would be a mess! When I'm having a rubbish day I know that God is still there with me and He loves me more then I could ever imagine. I'm so thankful that I have a relationship with God, I seriously can't imagine my life without Him! He's always there, even in the middle of the night I sometimes wake up and just have a little chat with Him, because He's always listening!
Steve: It's the whole 'everything will be okay' feel to things. Someone for you to feel is looking out for you and helping you through whatever life throws at you. It also feels like a way of helping people who maybe are not Christian, but asking Him to look after them without them even knowing.
Kirsty: For me, a relationship with God means there is always someone to love you and to talk to. However I feel I know I can talk to God and read the Bible and be supported by the power of God's love.

What are you most looking forward to at FF2012?
Josh: It's always great to meet up with my friends that I create throughout the years but it's also good to see a lot of new faces, faces that are still unsure. I love the feeling when you see someone with a HUGE smile on their face and knowing that they have finally found Him. I'm looking forward to playing on stage and also helping new Christians be more comfortable with their religion.
Grace: Spending time with my youth group, being able to grow in my faith and experiencing amazing things!
Steve: The whole atmosphere. Firm Foundations has its own I am sure. Everything just seems to be fantastic. Even down to the curry. You do a lovely curry :)
Kirsty: I'm most looking forward to the square sausages for breakfast :) and developing my faith and relationship with God further.

And some random questions to finish with...

Which football team (if any) do you support?
Josh: Football, not for me. However I am a huge rugby fan and I follow Leicester Tigers.
Grace: Errrm, England?
Steve: The mighty Leeds United.
Kirsty: I don't understand football but I guess I would have to say Portsmouth.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have three items with you, what would they be?
Josh: Just like being back at school and I still hate this question. But I can kind of remember my answers from back then: fishing rod, sleeping bag and knife. Is that too serious? Sorry, my laptop, a lighter and my guitar! Better?
Grace: A friend, my iPod and my Bible!
Steve: Apart from a boat, an oar and compass, probably my phone, drum kit and an unlimited supply of White Magnums.
Kirsty: This is a hard one. My mobile to call for help, a game of Jenga so I don't get bored and my Bible.

What is your favourite midnight snack?
Josh: It has to be a salt and vinegar crisp sandwich, making sure all the crisps are aligned perfectly before crushing them with the other slice of bread.
Grace: Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Steve: White Magnum!
Kirsty: Cheese and onion crisp sandwich. Yummy :D

What was the last thing you listened to on your MP3 player?
Josh: Hmmm. Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger!
Grace: Florence + The Machine.
Steve: McFly - Shine a Light (live). Gotta love a bit of McFly :)
Kirsty: Jessie J - Who You Are.