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To book for your GB, BB or youth group to come to Firm Foundations check out the booking details here.


Have something to share, a skill that will help the running of the festival or simply want to help out?
Firm Foundations can only run thanks to a team of volunteers and helpers. Find out how you can offer your time at 2012's event here.


Greater than Gold is based on 1 Corinthians 9:24: 'All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You're after one that's gold eternally.' (The Message)
Why not find out what's even greater than gold at FF2012?


We have been asking people that have been to FF before for their views on the festival, both on the evaluation forms which were given out at the end of FF last year and also on Facebook. Check out some of the responses to our case studies below:

How has FF2011 affected you? Tune in to the message means...

"You can hear God."

"Accepting God's word and living my life in His way."

"I'm more invigorated and refreshed in my path."

"Really getting in touch with the Bible."

"I have become closer to God."

"My life was mine, my life is His."

"Returning to what can be a lacklustre church refreshed."

"Finding God in many different ways."

"I have reaffirmed my faith and it's cool!"

"Opening your heart to God."

"To listen to what God says and follow Him no matter where He goes."

"It's given my faith back to me."

"Being rejuvenated in God's love and grace."

"Being able to hear and understand God's word."

"We have a manual for life and a companion forever."

"Realise God is with me 24/7, not just at FF and other Christian services."

"God speaks to us through the Bible. I need to make more use of it."

"Reading the Bible and following God is NOT BORING!!! It is the best use of your life."

"I have found God again and realised He never left me; I lost Him."

"I have opened up and said 'yes' to God."

How has Firm Foundations impacted on your life?

"FF has definitely impacted on the lives of several 2nd Witham BB in my view!" John Boon, 2nd Witham BB

"FF has impacted my life in a massive way, mainly by bringing me closer to God. I can't wait until the next one!" Cassie Collier, 1st Margate BB/GB

What is your best memory from Firm Foundations?

"Spending quality time with God and my (now) wife!" James Moss

"The memory that sticks out is the year the rain was so awful and the wind was so strong we all had to sleep in the house!" Kelly Dunne

"The cardboard testimonies [at FF2011] were amazing showing so many things that we can be grateful to God for. Also Mark Greenwood! What a wonderful speaker he is." Maria Hope

"Robin Mark playing... like years ago! Such an awesome servant, and immense worship leader! So inspirational!" Laura Provins

"So many to choose from, probably the mens session we had a couple of years ago, the passion and worship still stick with me to this day!" Tom Fisk

"[One] moment for me is also the males worship in 2009, such an amazing, emotional and passionate night, I can still visualise being there in that crowd singing Awesome God and How Great Thou Art, it's an evening I'll never forget!" Tom Boorman, 3rd Enfield BB

"Meeting my wife!" Gary Mead

Which year was your first FF and how many times have you been now? What did you get out of your first experience of FF?

"1997! Missed 1998 but been to every single one since! My first FF opened my eyes to a whole new world." Victoria Baker

"2008 and it's been one of the best weekends ever and each year gets better and better." Shaun Thorne