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Priceless 2009

"This is how we know" 1 John 3

Hundreds of young people found out how priceless they are to God at this year’s Firm Foundations.

The joint BB/GB festival took place in glorious sunshine over the May spring bank holiday weekend at Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, and around 1,000 people attended.

"It was a wonderful weekend," says Eric Hudson, Event Manager and BB’s Director for England. "There was definitely a sense of God at work in many lives and was a time of blessing for all involved."

The theme for the event was Priceless: this is how we know, based on 1 John 3, and the worship sessions focused on how priceless God’s love is and how priceless we are to God.

2 Venues

For the first time this year two different styles of worship were on offer in two venues meaning there was something for everyone. This also meant on the Sunday evening a ‘girls’ and a ‘boys’ session could take place, addressing issues relevant to each group.

Enjoying the SunshineWorship was led in V1 by C3 and in V2 by Magnus with challenging and entertaining speakers including Mark Greenwood from the 40:3 Trust, God TV presenter Emma Owen and Simeon Whiting from Youth for Christ.

Entertainment highlights included performances by Sounds of Salvation, The Steels, Empire Nation, 77x and On Off Switch.

Also on offer was FF’s Got Talent and the very popular Club Ignite - and not forgetting an action-packed programme of seminars, sports and some sunbathing!

"The sun shone all weekend and there wasn’t a Wellington boot in sight!" adds Eric."‘It was a great time of faith, discovery and fun."

Follow Up

If you have any testimonies that you would like to share please get in contact with us or join in with conversations on the Facebook Group. If you experienced anything while at Felden for the weekend please make sure you speak to your group leaders.

There are photos from the weekend in the gallery.

Comments from the Field

"I loved the Lads only event in V1 on the Sunday night, the atmosphere was truly  amazing, everyone just forgot about everything and belted out the songs,  Can’t wait til  next year!"

Chris, 5th Scarborough Company, BB

"...absolutely fabulous, can't wait for next year"


Sharna & Alex, 2nd Leigh Park, GB

"Fantastic atmosphere, fantastic worship and even fantastic weather too - there was a real sense of God's presence and it was awesome to see the way He touched the lives of so many people in so many ways throughout the weekend. Roll on FF 2010!"

Tom, 3rd Enfield Company, BB

"What, no rain?!"

Amber, 2nd Leigh Park, GB

"Marc Greenwood was great, heard him speak twice and he was very engaging, down to earth and funny too"

Mark, BB Leader