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FF 2003 - 'Pushing the Boundaries'

Firm Foundations 2003 was held over the Bank Holiday Weekend of 23rd to 26th May 2003 at Felden Lodge, Hertfordshire.
Over 1200 people were on site, and joined in the packed weekend programme under the theme of ‘pushing the boundaries’ which included worship, teaching, activities, concerts, theatre and up and coming fringe bands. This year, the teaching in the bible studies, morning worship and evening celebrations worked to try to disarm some of the boundaries we all face in our lives. As we all constantly encounter boundaries, barriers, obstacles, and challenges but often run shy of breaking through.
Worship for the evening celebrations was led by Robin Mark and his Band from Belfast Community Church and visiting speakers included Rev Denis Pethers of Viz a Viz (Denis is the National Chaplain for GB E&W), Pete McCahon who is currently appearing on Sunday nights Channel 5 XL2003, and Rev Jon Stannard of Newbury Baptist Church.

Morning Worship was led daily by the Firm Foundations Worship Band, with Chris Simpkins of Viz-A-Viz speaking. Members of the Firm Foundations Worship Band were drawn from KJC (Brigades Central Music & Drama Group) and B5.

For the first time, there was a 24-7 Prayer Room headed up by Jo Critchley and Lisa Clements of The Girls’ Brigade, this involved a marquee set aside for people to go in and pray - 24 hours a day! Young and old were encouraged to sign up for an hour to spend time with God in a totally personal way.

In addition, Saltmine Theatre Company were with us for the whole weekend, B5 from Birmingham, (the worship band of GB and BB in Birmingham) played on the Afternoon Shift on Sunday, Coastal Dune were back by popular request for a concert.
After hours the Dance Zone provided a time when the younger folk (and those young at heart) to let their hair down, and dance the night away, on Sunday night the Dance Zone was taken over by Big Al Mayfield. The Dance Zone was followed each night by a Late Night Video Show, videos included Spiderman, Die Another Day and A Greek Wedding.
A number of fringe bands appeared featuring young GB and BB musicians including Well Driven from Wigan, Spoon from Derby, Leaph from Birmingham, Malcolm Evans from Coventry, Adrian Pumphry from Birminham, KJC, Lounge and
The festival could not run without the help of over 200 workers, including Stewards, Cooks, Maintenance, the Management Team and many more..... Many Thanks to all those that helped before, at or after the festival (or may be even all three of those!).

Here are some comments from people that have been to the festival
"II have been to three firm foundations now. It was at the festival when I was
twelve years old that i decided to fully follow god and become a Christian.
Every year i have been challenged and enlightened in my faith.
This year was no exception! The talk from Dennis Pethers left me shaky and
emotional as Dawn Reynolds had the year before and Nigel James and Gerard
Kelly the year before that!
Robin Mark as usual was fantastic and lifted our hearts in songs of worship.
He has even inspired me and some friends to set up a worship band in our

God Bless - Love
Lizzi Willcocks (Exeter,Devon - 15yrs old)

it was a really good weekend and I had a great time!
Sarah, Cambs

what a fantastic festival!it was the best yet. it was great
to see old friends and make new ones. it was a real
privilege to play my violin in the big top as part of the
morning worship. i loved every minute of it
Phil Lee, Northampton

"what can I say? it was great, Chris and Matt speaking in
the Morning Worship were top quality, and Robin Mark and
Sam Lee were both on top form! I had a brilliant time and
am definitely coming back next year!"
Ben Tompkins, IOW