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FF 2002 - 'Roots & Shoots

FF2002 started on Friday 31st May, when over 1000 people arrived at Felden Lodge. For the first time the festival was run jointly with The Girls' Brigade England and Wales. 'Roots n Shoots' was the festival theme for 2002 and, throughout the weekend the issues surrounding our rooted-ness and ability to grow more in Christ were explored.
From when people started arriving on Friday afternoon a wide ranging programme went in to full swing. The opening item for the festival was by the band 'D-Tunes' playing on the Fringe Stage. Opening Worship was led by Robin Mark and Band with the Rev Joel Edwards Speaking. The Late Shift in Cornerstone was hosted by Kellie Waters and comprised of a rich mix of chat, music and drama. The 'Cornerstone Bar was back again this year and serving non-alcoholic cocktails. At 11pm it was then time for the younger folk to 'dress to impress' for a night in Felden's very own Nightclub, the 'Dance Zone', where a couple of hundred young people danced the night away. After the Dance Zone, a large number watched the late night video, which was 'Shrek'.
Saturday morning started with a variety of different Bible Studies and Seminars, including: Creative Ideas for Youth Work (by Nick and Bridget Shepherd), GB New Generation (by Jo Lambert). The morning '121' Youth Worship was led by the Firm Foundations Band, the speaker was Gerard Kelly. Focus then moved to the Cornerstone and the Fringe Stage where Adrian Pumphrey, and praiZe each took their turn to play on stage. Large Numbers took up the Activities which were run throughout the afternoon, the activities included: Archery, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Abseiling, Swimming and 5-A-Side Football. During the afternoon the Children also had a chance to learn some Circus Skills, the participants were first shown how to do it and that it could be done, and afterwards many tried to do what looked so easy - unfortunately for many unsuccessfully!!!
The Afternoon Shift slot was taken by the 'Riding Lights Theatre Company', they performed a drama called 'Science Fiction' (which was different to previously advertised!). By this time the The weather was great all day, with not a cloud in the sky. The BB International Team launched their new project with a presentation held in the Dance Zone, this was well attended, and a great success in the launch of the project...
Towards the end of the afternoon a number of workshops and seminars were held. There was an additional performance on the Fringe Stage by the band 'D2S', which was followed by the scheduled performance of 'V-12', band from North Devon. The Evening Celebration was held in the Big Top and Worship was led by Robin Mark and Band, and the evening's speaker was Nigel James and members of the Ignite Team. The spotlight moved again to Cornerstone where 'Jonathan Bochenski' a keyboard player and vocalist from the 1st St Albans Company took centre stage. The evening followed with a Concert by Coastal Dune. The evening finished with entertainment in Cornerstone (Late Shift), and also live Music and Dancing in the Dance Zone.
Sunday again started with a range of Bible Studies and Seminars. The morning '121' Youth Worship was led by the Firm Foundations Band, the speaker was Gerard Kelly. The Fringe Stage played home to a worship band that was put together with the specific purpose of playing on the Fringe Stage, something which they achieved at FF2000, and the band named 'Re:build' came back to entertain the crowds at FF2002. During the afternoon a range of activities were on offer including: archery, canoeing, swimming and a bouncy castle, as well as parachute games. Hundreds then went into the Big Top to watch a replay of England's opening World Cup match against Sweden. The Road show was also setup during the afternoon, and a number of teams took part in the various activities. A number of workshops were on offer during Sunday afternoon, including a Drama Workshop by the 'Riding Lights Theatre Company'. B5 a BB/GB Worship band from Birmingham were on stage in the Big Top for the Afternoon Shift, the band was formed in 1998 and since then have led many events locally and nationally, including leading worship in the Symphony Hall in Birmingham to over 1500 people. Focus again moved to Cornerstone, and Malcolm Evans and Henry Cross were welcomed on to the Fringe Stage for their performances. The Evening Worship was led by Robin Mark and Band, and Dawn Reynolds was speaking. Nathan Bennett returned to the Fringe stage for the sixth year running, and this year was joined by his brother Matt on the Drums. And the Big Top filled once again for a drama presentation by the 'Riding Lights Theatre Company', the drama was entitled 'Reality Strikes Twice'. The Dance Zone was up to Capacity on the last night of the Festival, when DJ 'Al Mayfield' visited the Festival and joined Ian Billing and the Crew from Innovation for a final night to remember, the dancing and music went on until 1am! After the Dance Zone many watched the Late Night Video which was 'Star Wars'.
The Final Day of the Festival saw a series of Bible Studies, seminars, and activities on offer. The morning '121' Youth Worship was led by the Firm Foundations Band, and the speaker was Gerard Kelly. KJC2 played on the Fringe Stage in the early afternoon, and the closing worship put a final close to the festival. The Closing Worship was led by Robin Mark and Band, and the speakers were Nick 'n' Bridget Shepherd. The Closing Worship included Holy Communion, which was again led by Nick 'n Bridget Shepherd.

The Cyberden was open throughout the festival for surfing the web and computer games, and the fabulous OASIS 'Food Tent' was open from early till late serving a large variety of food. Throughout the Weekend a team of 70 Stewards, as well as a compliment of electricians, cooks, maintenance men, cleaners worked around the clock to ensure that the festival ran to plan and most importantly safely.